The 59th annual Rotary Top 100 dinner


Photo Cred: Jayme Kim

On Thurs. Mar. 14, , the Rotary Club hosted the 59th annual Top 100 dinner for students who show outstanding academic achievement and place within the top 25 students in their class.  

Both sophomore Zoey Afram and senior Joshua Miller felt honored to receive the awards because they were being recognized for their dedication.

“It’s an honor because it just shows all my hard work throughout the school year and it feels amazing.” Afram said.

“It feels pretty awesome,” Miller said. “A lot of work goes into it and it’s reflective of the late nights and the hard studying.”

For sophomore Kyrie Varieur, looking at the big picture is her ultimate motivation for her to maintain good grades.

“Honestly [it’s] just self motivation and thinking about the future a lot, where I want to be.” Varieur said.

For Miller, his tip to receiving good grades is paying attention in class.

“Take good notes in class really helps because instead of going over the stuff later and learning it again, you’re actually reviewing it.”

Junior Gillian Hodgden hopes that she can continue to work harder and strive for even greater academic achievements.

“I hope I get top 25 again next year and that it will be something that really helps me applying to colleges,” Hodgden said. “I hope that I keep up the good grades for college and that this will be something that will inspire me.”

Congratulations to all the students for their academic achievements and for the many more to come!