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Logan movie review


"Logan" movie poster

"Logan" movie poster

Jesse Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Logan stars Hugh Jackman, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”, “Prisoners”, Dafne Keen “The Refugees”, and Patrick Stewart, “X‑Men: Days of Future Past” in what is said to be Stewart’s and Jackman’s final outing in the X-Men movie franchise.

The movie takes place in the year 2029 where the original Mutants, or X-Men, have perished or have been hunted down and killed.

Logan is much older than in previous movies, where he was young, fast and full of energy.

In this movie, 197 year old Logan is dying because the adamantium metal that Wolverine’s claws and body are made up of, is impeding his healing factor.

At the beginning of the movie, Logan works as a chauffeur, hustling for prescription drugs in Texas where he lives with Caliban, a mutant tracker, and Professor Charles Xavier, the Legendary mutant.

Xavier, suffering from dementia, has little control of his powers. Because of this, Logan keeps him in an old barn, so that he is isolated from civilization and cannot harm anyone when he has seizures.

The plot advances as Logan encounters Gabriela, a nurse from Mexico City facility, who says that she has his daughter who needs to be taken to safety.

At first Logan ignores her, but is later forced to risk his life and help the young girl.

At the beginning of the adventure, Laura and Logan do not see eye to eye, but as time passes by, he vows to protect her.

Throughout the movie, there are multiple themes presented including what it means to be a father and a family.

This movie goes from gory action packed scenes, to comical scenes, to heartbreaking scenes that will make your eyes shed tears. The actors did a fantastic job at making Logan a realistic film. When Logan was getting shot at by Donald Pierce, the cyborg criminal leader, the shot zoomed in on his pained face, giving me chills. Jackman did a great job at portraying how Logan is still human and has feeling and emotions, regardless of his superhuman powers. Personally, I cried in a few scenes between Logan and Professor X, because of the unexpected emotional connection these characters and actors have have.

Overall, I would recommend Logan to anyone who is either a fan of the X-Men movies like myself, or simply wants to have a good time.

Logan is Rated R because of gory, violent scenes and may not be appropriate for some audiences.

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