Tame Impala: A Psychedelic Sound Worth Listening to


Photo Cred: @Dana(distortion)Yavin

When a friend introduced me to the band Tame Impala, I knew nothing about the band’s sound. But I was intrigued. Whether it be their funky sound or their technically styled rhythm, my personal admiration for their music grew.

Tame Impala, an alternative psychedelic band, originating from Austria, recently performed their new songs “Patience” and “Borderlines” on Saturday Night Live.

Tame Impala’s music, though 70s-influenced, bring something new and modern to the table, with unique electro-funk sound and soft vocals. They are a shining gem in contrast to the fast-paced music produced by the popular artists of today.

In 2015, Tame Impala produced their third studio album Currents, receiving the ARIA award for album of the year. Although they have a more retro and psychedelic sound, people who aren’t into older music can still enjoy their music. Tame Impala’s experimental style excites listeners, keeping them anxious for more.

Despite the electro-feel in their later albums, Tame Impala will always be a relaxing listen. Your music taste doesn’t have to revolve around the 60s and 70s to properly enjoy them. Whether you’re doing homework or just taking a breather after a tedious school day, their pleasant music allows you to escape into a psychedelic bliss.