Alias Grace: A thought-provoking Netflix series


Photo Cred: Creative Planet Network

Edward Lopez, Staff Writer

Sarah Polley’s Netflix adaptation of Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood’s novel, portrays a  murder mystery through the eyes of Grace Marks, a historical figure and well known  “murderess” for the deaths of Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery in 1840s Canada.

Alias Grace confronts feminist topics throughout its storyline, in a time before women’s rights existed.

Alias Grace remains an underrated series that deserves more recognition with its captivating characters and thrilling and suspenseful scenes.

Because the series bases itself off of factual events, Polley creates a fiction through different historical documents that weave together, in a Victorian-like setting with the urban landscapes of Canada which surround the story.

Throughout the show, feminist ideals highlight the provocative nature of the society the characters live in. Romantic and suspenseful elements engaged me, with moody visuals and beautiful prose.

When it came to what I disliked, there were times when specific visuals were heavily repetitive, with certain scenes showing up only to speed up the plot. Furthermore, the supernatural aspect found within the series felt unnecessary. The series already seemed compelling enough without the spiritual notions abruptly forced in episodes.

With a gritty setting and elegant performances, the show is insightful with a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Although it is an adapted piece with occasional plot holes, it remains compelling in nature and mysteriously thrilling throughout. Alias Grace is a series that puts you in the shoes of the women at the time and an intriguing must-see for anybody.