The Politician: FUHS gets beautified from filming


Photo Cred: Kelly Virden

Alejandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer


The Politician, the soon-to-be Netflix series, transformed FUHS to Saint Sebastian High School for filming.Filming quickly wrapped up in a short two weeks, and left FUHS with a new and beautified campus.

“Ms. Rubio received a phone call from our superintendent,” Assistant Principal Ms. Wilde said. “One of the location managers from Netflix had inquired about the possible shooting of the film here.”

The school was decorated with flowers in the bushes and small trees in the grass , as well as a deep outdoor cleaning in order to prepare it for the show, costing over $22,000.

“Their grounds guys came in and were able to contribute a lot to our campus to make it beautiful to give it a different level of appeal that we previously had,” Wilde said.

This beautification has benefitted FUHS, not only through its beautiful new look, but also through the new opportunities it may receive.

“I think that there will be other people who will reach out to us. Not to say that we will  do it or commit to it, but I definitely think it puts us through. It gives them a different perspective of our school,” Wilde said.

In order to see our beautiful campus on the big screen, make sure to tune into The Politician when it airs on Netflix next year.