FUHS alumni inspire current student artists


Photo Cred: Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams, Student Life Editor

On Friday Aug. 31, the FUHS art program hosted its Alumni Art Show. There was a wide variety of alumni of different backgrounds, ages, and art styles. Current students were able to attend and talk to the artists.

Alumni Nathaniel De Gala was one of the inspiring photographers featured in the gallery.

“I don’t know many other high schools that care so much about art that they want to see where the artists they’ve created have gone,” De Gala said. “That’s something really unique to this school, and it made me want to participate in the art show.”

Another talented alumni featured at the art show was Nicole Abanador, who displayed detailed charcoal drawings.

“I’m finishing my teaching degree at Cal State Fullerton, then I’m applying to an art college so I can attend in the fall,” Abanador said. “Then, I hope to start teaching art.”

The FUHS art program has a huge impact on students here and has continued to impact students after graduation.