Spider-Man game review


Wikimedia Commons

Marvel’s Spider-Man game cover Photo by. Wikimedia Commons

The latest installment of the Spider-Man video game franchise released on Sept. 7 and is only available on the Playstation 4.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is based off Peter Parker in Manhattan, New York who is trying to take down one of the main antagonists, Martin Li and his gang “The Demons.” Later in the game, he takes on the Sinister Six (Six of Spider-Man’s worst enemies).

Peter Parker works as a scientist with his mentor Otto Octavious who later becomes Dr. Octopus. In the game, people can also play as Miles Morales (future spiderman) and Mary Jane (Peter Parker’s ex-girlfriend).

The gameplay looks very realistic and the combat system makes you feel like you are actually Spider-Man.

Most of the game is swinging around Manhattan, solving scientific puzzles using chemistry, stopping crime, defeating super villains, and completing side missions.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an amazing game with a great story line.