Marching Band prepares for new season with “Uprising”


Photo Cred: Madison Velez

Nathan Smith, Staff Writer

The Fullerton Indian Marching Band and Pageantry Corps gears up for another great season of music this year. The band has practiced their new field show, “Uprising” since the summer, and is ready to perform at football games and other various competitions.

Senior drum major Katherine Trimble is excited for her first season leading the full band.

“It’s my last show, as a senior, so it’s very special to me as it’s the last time I’ll be doing what I’m doing,” Trimble said.

Coming off their season last year, the band hopes to keep making their show better.

“I hope we focus on our visuals, making sure we look clean, and projecting our sound,” Trimble said.

Sophomore Owen Matsumoto has had a great experience in his second year of marching band.

“We play a bunch of fun music and we get to march on the field, so that’s pretty fun,” Matsumoto said.

“Uprising” focuses on revolutions and changing future. Matsumoto hopes that this new show will help boost numbers in the program.  

“This year we got a bunch of new freshman so I think we’ll be very successful in future years,” Matsumoto said.

There are two more opportunities to see the field show at our home football games.