Hodgden’s Horoscopes: Venus in Retrograde

Gillian Hodgden, News/Feature Editor

Are your recent relationships feeling strained, with tensions high? Are arguments with loved ones occurring frequently? Venus in retrograde may be to blame.

What does this mean exactly? In astrology, when a planet goes into retrograde, it appears to be traveling backwards. This illusion of backward movement strains and troubles all things that planet rules.

The planet Venus is the ruler of love, relationships, and the ability to care for and appreciate other people. When the planet goes into retrograde, all of these aspects become strenuous activities.

When individuals are blind to the value of their relationships, people may feel less appreciative of the love and goodness in their life. They may act more selfishly, without much thought of how their words or actions affect others.

This also may be a time where ex-friends and ex-relationships may try to come back into your life. With Venus blinding your judgement, it is advisable not to get involved again with these people.

Fortunately, not all aspects of Venus in retrograde are negative. This can be a transformative time to reflect on your relationships and yourself. The arguments you may get into with loved ones can help you grow even closer to those people. Try to take this time to focus on self-love and appreciating yourself in your entirety.

During this time, it is good to try your best to remember the value of those around you, but also remember the value of yourself. Don’t rush to end relationships if you are not fully comfortable with that decision. Try your best to be extra patient with those around you, and don’t forget to put some time aside for yourself for self-care, love, and appreciation.

Thankfully, this retrograde won’t last forever. Venus moves back into regular orbit on Nov. 16, and things should slowly settle back in place. Just remember to stay calm, be patient, and spread love and positivity.