Hodgden’s Horoscopes: Scorpio Season


Photo Cred: Gillian Hodgden

Gillian Hodgden, News/Feature Editor

Oct. 22 marked the end of the Libra season, a time of relationships and harmony, and the beginning of Scorpio season, a time of seclusion, intensity, and passion. This grand shift marks a time for a desire for change and rebirth along with the growth of emotionally intimate relationships.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and deals with all that is taboo, secret, and undiscovered. Use this time for self-exploration into parts of yourself that you would usually shy away from. Deal with the questions found on the deepest parts of your psyche, and the inclined desire for truth will help you discover an answer.

Because Scorpio is a water sign, you may experience more intense emotions. Use this time to mature emotionally and grow more intimate with others. The strong ties you create with these people will remain even after Scorpio season if you continue to put the same emotional energy into them.

This year, Scorpio season has begun during Venus in Retrograde. This is beneficial because the Scorpio nature of pursuing truth will help you gain the answers you need about the loved ones in your life. There will also be a Scorpio stellium for some of Scorpio season, meaning that several planets will be placed in Scorpio. Expect secrets to surface and anticipate great successes to come!

Scorpio is a very introverted sign, so expect a stronger desire to be alone and introspection. Take this time to take better care for yourself and to improve your self-love and confidence. Happy Scorpio season to all!