Why everyone should see “The Hate U Give”


Photo courtesy of Vernon Barford School Library.

Jamie Ma, Editor-in-Chief

Growing up as an Asian-American in Southern California, it is easy to forget how privileged I am to live in such a diverse, accepting, and safe community. Every now and then I’ll wince at microaggressions or stereotype jokes, but still. They aren’t compromising my physical well-being and oftentimes these comments stem simply from a lack of knowledge.

This is why, for me, watching teenager Starr Carter and her community’s struggles unfold onscreen in the film “The Hate U Give” was quite possibly a life-changing experience.

The film centers around high school student Starr as she balances two different lives: one in her affluent, white private school, and the other in her poor, black neighborhood. When she witnesses her best friend shot by a policeman, Starr struggles between loyalty to her friends and family, boldness of voice, and political strife.

The story was poignant and powerful. The genuine, tear-jerking acting gave me tears during multiple scenes. Everything down to the artistic choices elevated the impact of the movie.

The movie took the controversial topic of police brutality and transformed it from a distant piece of politics into a real, heartbreakingly moving story that affects genuine people and communities.

What made the message even more powerful was that it presented multiple perspectives. Different perspectives and opinions of the issue of police brutality were argued, reinforcing the film’s main message.

But most of all, it taught me that a lack of knowledge, or ignorance, is the evil that causes everything from slightly offensive remarks to blatant, violent racism. Watching this movie can be one step towards knowledge for many people, including myself.

“The Hate U Give” is out in theatres now. Let Starr Carter and her story enlighten you, move you, and inspire you.