FUHS Annual Fall Dance Concert


Photo Cred: Karen Martinez

Karen Martinez, Staff Writer

Today and tomorrow, FUHS Dance Production will have their annual fall dance concert at Plummer Auditorium at 7 p.m. This concert will feature dancers from Advanced Dance, Dance Production, and the newly formed Song team at FUHS. Tickets are $10 pre-sale and $12 at the door.

This concert in particular will be the first dance concert headed by FUHS’s new dance instructor Andrea Oberlander. There is no particular theme for concert, allowing the dancers to perform a wide variety of genres and styles of dance ranging from pieces dealing with topics such as the transition of a transgender person to upbeat pieces that both DP and Advanced Dance will perform in.

Senior Alice Chun, captain of DP, is excited for the audience to experience a concert she believes is especially unique.

“We have dancers from guest choreographers and groups. We had the honor of learning a piece from Mike Esperanza, who is renowned in the dance community,” Chun said.

Chun will perform in nine dances, three of which she choreographed herself. She is excited for the audience to witness how every piece has a different story.

“I am excited for a piece choreographed by Eli Aguayo because its message about foster care is very emotional and for my co-captain Karina Lopez’s dance because of its unique movement and musicality,” Chun said.  

Senior Tate Heinle believes this concert is worth watching because of the new direction it is taking.

“With our new instructor, I think this program is headed in a really positive direction and I’m excited to see what happens in the concert,” Heinle said.

Heinle will be performing a solo piece he choreographed himself that revolves around the transition of a transgender person.

“I choreographed a piece called HIR, a modern piece about the journey of a transgender person,” Heinle said. “I want the audience to be exposed to such a pressuring topic and to have an understanding of the basics of what people like me have to go through and to understand the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin.”

Senior Laura Lopez hopes the audience will be moved by the uniqueness of this concert.

“What I think is most special with this concert compared to past ones is the emotion. We have a lot of meaningful pieces in the concert this year that show waves of emotion and will pull you into the stories wondering what happens next,” Lopez said.

Come out to support dancers performing in this concert tonight and tomorrow at FUHS Plummer Auditorium!