Why you should watch Bojack Horseman

Audry Jeong, Copy/Arts and Entertainment Editor

Over the summer I got into the animated series Netflix original, Bojack Horseman. Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the series revolves around Bojack–a talking horse.

The show is set in Hollywoo, the alternate dimension of Hollywood. In this world, humans and anthropomorphic (half animal and half human) animals coexist together.

The main character, Bojack, is a washed up 80s sitcom star whose glory days are far behind him. The show primarily circles around Bojack’s life and his desperate attempts to attain stardom once more.  

For the most part, many are hesitant to start watching this show. A lot of that hesitance–I believe–stems from the fact that the show is animated and becomes hard to take seriously.

While at first glance, Bojack Horseman looks to be a juvenile and sophomoric sitcom, it actually proves to be one of the most introspective shows on TV today. Bojack Horseman deals with various sensitive subjects including coping with depression, addiction, and self destructive behavior. It speaks to the human experience and underlines the importance of self acceptance. However, it also provides for a healthy balance of satirical takes on current events and the occasional light hearted jokes.

Bojack Horseman is not afraid to subvert its own narrative and you’ll be sure to find yourself crying and laughing alongside these characters, even if it is a talking horse.

Bojack Horseman is rated TV-MA, so make sure to get a parent’s permission before watching. All five seasons of Bojack Horseman are out on Netflix and can also be watched on Comedy Central.