Hodgden’s Horoscopes: Capricorn and Pisces working together to help you achieve your goals


Art published by Giordano Ziletti

On Feb. 10, 2019, Mercury moves into the dreamy, idealistic Pisces. A week earlier, Venus moved into the traditionalist, hard-working Capricorn. Though these two signs seem contradictory, their placements in their respective planets are working together to help you achieve your creative aspirations.

Venus in Capricorn leads us to appreciate hard work, consistency, and tradition, allowing us to see the world in a way where determination is what helps us achieve our desires. With this earth placement comes a lack of creativity and emotion in our work, leading to a lot of restless energy and lack of influential ideas.

Mercury in Pisces helps us communicate our dreams, aspirations, and deep emotions. It helps connect us to our creative side, and gives us the inspiration to express our ideas in an artistic way. A fault of Mercury in Pisces is that it blocks actual follow through with these artistic ideas.

Capricorn and Pisces are in sextile, meaning they create a 60° angle which fosters an environment perfect for harmony and growth. With these two signs working together, their individual faults seem to diminish when Mercury in Pisces gives you a plethora of creative ideas, and Venus in Capricorn gives you the drive and determination to actually make these dreams a reality.

Be warned, though, as Mercury goes into retrograde early in March. This may lead to some setbacks to your creative endeavors, making them difficult to complete. Attempt to keep the same attitude and inspiration you had prior to the retrograde.