Hodgden’s Horoscopes: Pisces Season


A design from Sidney Hall’s set of celestial cards.

Gillian Hodgden, News Editor


On Feb. 19th, the Sun moved out of rebellious, unique, and individualistic Aquarius and into dreamy, intuitive, and gentle Pisces. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, making it the oldest and wisest of the signs. It is a water sign that deals with life, death, and emotions, and is also a mutable sign which strives for change and renewal.

During Pisces season, our abilities to understand our own emotions and empathize with others’ is heightened. Use this to deal with repressed problems you usually shy away from, and get the internal closure that you need. This is also a great time to mend relationships with those who you have tension with.

Pisces season will fill you with an abundance of creative ideas. Don’t ignore them, pursue them! It will benefit you emotionally to go after these endeavours because you’ll have an outlet to physically express your emotions.

You may feel more introverted during Pisces season, so use it to your advantage. Take the this time to rest and step away from the stressful activities of everyday life. Be aware, though, to not ignore of your responsibilities due to too much escapism. Try your best to find a balance between work and rest.

The formation of a martyr complex is common during this season, where you victimize yourself in confrontational situations, so try your best to take responsibility for your actions instead of the mindset that the world is against you. You may also find yourself more emotional during this time, and that’s okay! Deal with these deep and powerful emotions in a healthy way, and try your best to not let these emotions overcome you.


Happy Pisces Season to all!