Movie Review: The Upside


Photo Cred: The Internet

Andrew Jackson, Staff Writer

The new movie release The Upside, based on true events, surrounds the lives of Phillipe Pozzo di Borgo, a man with paralysis in all four limbs, and Abdel Sellou, a man on parole.

Main character Phillip, played by Bryan Cranston, has lost all hope to ever find love again after his wife passes away from cancer.

While searching for caretakers, he chooses Del, played by Kevin Hart, believing that a former criminal would let him die. But Del ends up being just the friend Phillip needs.

The Upside is a tragic but uplifting story all at one time. Although there were ups and downs, Del and Philip, always prioritized their friendship.

The movie was well made with humorous with playful jokes and Del’s enthusiastic attitude; but, as every nuanced movie is, had its moments of grief, making the film a good mix of laughter and tragedies.

This movie also featured outstanding acting. Cranston emulated both the emotional pain Phillip felt in a heartbreaking way, as well as strong consistency in acting as a paraplegic.  

This touching movie could get you laughing to crying with the snap of your fingers.