Humans of Fullerton: Garrett Eikerman


Photo courtesy Matthew Ballin.


“My first year of high school was great. I had good and challenging classes which were perfect for me. Going into the year, I was nervous, but as it progressed it got a lot better. I played summer soccer for Fullerton which made it easier to make the team during the year. Our season was great. We did very well as freshmen and, on JV, we were undefeated champions. As the year kept progressing, I started to adapt to people and my surroundings and made many new friends that were always helpful whenever it was needed. High school has changed me because many people that I met have made a big impact on my life and they are very nice and always there for me. As I reflect on this year, those people that I met will have changed me forever.  My freshman year overall was great and a huge success in many ways and I look forward to being a sophomore and next year at Fullerton High School.” –  Garrett Eikermann, freshman