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Exclusive interview with Matt Van Smith

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Tyler Huor, Staff Writer

September 10, 2018

The first week of the 2018-2019 school year will be memorable for FUHS students. Our school grounds were used for the production of a new Netflix original The Politician. The school transformed from FUHS to St. Sebastian High School, and along with it St. Sebastian students. There have been many ext...

FUHS alumni inspire current student artists

Photo Cred: Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams, Student Life Editor

September 10, 2018

On Friday Aug. 31, the FUHS art program hosted its Alumni Art Show. There was a wide variety of alumni of different backgrounds, ages, and art styles. Current students were able to attend and talk to the artists. Alumni Nathaniel De Gala was one of the inspiring photographers featured in the gallery...

The Politician: FUHS gets beautified from filming

Photo Cred: Kelly Virden

Alejandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

September 6, 2018

  The Politician, the soon-to-be Netflix series, transformed FUHS to Saint Sebastian High School for filming.Filming quickly wrapped up in a short two weeks, and left FUHS with a new and beautified campus. “Ms. Rubio received a phone call from our superintendent,” Assistant Principal M...

Movie Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Movie Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Nathan Smith, Staff Writer

August 29, 2018

Playing in theaters since Jul. 6, Ant-Man and the Wasp follows the events of Captain America: Civil War. It centers around Hope van Dyne/The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) and Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) quest to rescue their wife and mother from the Quantum Realm, plus Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) confli...

Movie review: Avengers: Infinity War

Movie review: Avengers: Infinity War

Josh Hanson, Staff Writer

May 1, 2018

Now playing in theaters, the new Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War, follows the events of Captain America: Civil War, and has heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman: Homecoming, Black Panther, etc.         The film centers around the above heroes as they team up to defeat the evil Titan Tha...

Behind the Cappies writers

This year's Cappies writers.

Emma Kelly, Staff Writer

April 30, 2018

The Orange County Cappies is an organization hosted by the Orange County Register, where high school students watch and review high school play/musical productions for a chance to be published in an acclaimed newspaper. “Cappies is all over the U.S. but for us, it’s centralized in Orange County w...

FUHS dance concert “No Boundaries” promises limitless creativity

Shows are April 19 and 20 at 7 p.m. in Plummer.

Myah Phillips, Copy Editor

April 19, 2018

Performing shows tonight and tomorrow at 7 p.m., FUHS dancers will be putting on their final show of the semester. Tickets for the show are $10 pre-sale and $12 at the door. Entitled “No Boundaries,” the show is not restricted by any particular theme, genre or style, and will feature dancers from F...

Cinderella tech crew creates fairytale magic

Olvia Kehoe works on the wigs for the show. Photo by Melanie Pinzon

Jamie Ma, Student Life/Lifestyle Editor

April 12, 2018

FUHS’ annual spring musicals are known for their talented actors, singers, and dancers. However, what audiences see onstage are not only the performers, but a compilation of hard work and effort from the technical crew, led by the following featured students. Calvin Tate (sophomore), Lighting Design Light...

FUHS production “Secret in the Wings” wins best play in Orange County

FUHS production

Tara Patton, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 24, 2018

CETA, or the California Educational Theatre Association, gives students the opportunity to participate in high school and middle school theatre festivals, as well as other events to guarantee high quality theatre education for all students. FUHS was nominated and won best play in all of Orange County for...

Holiday Gift Guide

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Jacquelin Arreola, Staff Writer

December 21, 2017

The holidays may be called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason, but finding the perfect gifts can make your days less than merry and bright. Hopefully, this holiday gift guide will make it a bit easier by offering gifts on a budget while still being thoughtful. Girls often prefer makeup, gift cards, and ...

Dancing through the “Four Seasons”

The Indiancers show their school spirit at the Tackle Cancer game.

Madison Velez and Alexandra Williams

November 30, 2017

FUHS Dance Production and Advanced Dance will be performing their annual winter concert, the Four Seasons, tonight and Dec. 1. Junior Morgan Forrester, a co-captain for the dance team, explains the audition process for the show. “Each semester we hold auditions for dances choreographed by students [in the dan...

FUHS students style fall fashion trends

FUHS students style fall fashion trends

Bianey Garcia Hernandez and Jacquelin Arreola

November 9, 2017

Students often take the opportunity to express themselves daily with their unique outfits. Here are some fall trends students incorporate into their daily wardrobe. Statement belts Statement belts are a hot item right now. From Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez, celebrities are using them as accent...