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Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Austin Budnik, Staff Photographer

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Currently in theaters, The Lego Batman Movie, is a refreshing change of pace away from the serious atmosphere presented by its predecessors by not being afraid to make fun of itself.

Watching Batman sing while taking out the swarm of villains and seeing the unique take on Batman’s and Joker’s relationship was a fresh sight on the big screen.

The movie’s storyline is driven by Joker’s plan to destroy Gotham by release all the universe’s most evil villains from the inescapable prison, the phantom zone.

While watching, I found some of the Easter eggs enjoyable such as Superman’s fortress of solitude doorbell playing the original Superman theme, the gremlins tearing the plane apart referencing The Twilight Zone, the introduction of iconic villains such as Voldemort, Sauron, Daleks, and King Kong, as well as a few more throwbacks to the beginning of the Batman franchise such as the shark repellent actually working!

I found the villains extremely well written even without their dark backstories behind them leaving a sense of humor in place of their dark motives. And the plot is entertaining and so ridiculous that it adds to the humor and makes the movie feel unique.

The musical selections were truly enjoyable as they differed drastically from anything I expected. The villains, plot, and music all take away from the anxious atmosphere that usually envelops Batman movies.

The character development of Batman as one from a loner to someone who is ready to accept people into his life is hilarious are you see his drastically incorrect conceptions that add humor before a satisfying conclusion of self revelation.

Unfortunately, the movie contains too many jokes sometimes. The movie was comical yet at some points I wished they would get on with the plot rather than stop to say some corny jokes that I feel didn’t really belong.

I recommend The Lego Batman Movie as a child friendly version of Deadpool that doesn’t take itself seriously.


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