Fullerton Volleyball (2-5) won their match against Buena Park last Thursday. The Indians won all three games, the third game ended with a final score of 25-7. 

Before each game, the team performs their signature ritual, “Elevate,” which is when the girls stand in a circle, yell out a spirited chant, and dance around to boost energy for the game. The team believes they play their best when they perform their ritual. The girls also host team dinners the night before each game to bond, increasing the team’s chemistry on the court.

Varsity coach Jeff Weihert, the newest addition to the Fullerton volleyball family, strives to lead the team to victory.

“We are definitely adjusting to him,” Hubbard said. Hubbard also mentioned her admiration for Weihert’s coaching abilities. “We’ve never had anyone who wants us to succeed like he does.”

Sophomore Baylee Ray recalls a time when Weihert helped the team through a tough tournament.

“We didn’t do well in our first tournament, so he wrote a big letter to us about winning and giving our hardest,” Ray said. “I thought it was very sweet because no coach before has cared that much.”

Weihert motivates the team by telling them to “Hold the rope” which is a metaphor for mountain climbing their way to the top.