Spring Art Catalog highlights student skills, passion

In addition to our BEAST electives, Fullerton Union High School offers multiple art classes including 3D Design, Drawing and Painting, Special Studies, AP Art, IB Art, Foundations Photo, Intermediate Photo, Advanced Photo and AP Photo. Art allows students to learn about what intrigues them. Senior Larissa Brombley is an AP Art Pathway Artist who uses her art to tell stories and has mastered the craft over her four years in the art program. Others, like AP pathway senior Jiyoung Lee, make art to show emotion and silliness. Students like sophomore Tess Cagley show us that students can create art without taking an FUHS class. With a sampling of visual art pieces that range in style and purpose, the Tribe Tribune presents our 2023 Spring Art Catalog.

Senior Alexa Lewis, Featured Artist

Senior Alexa Lewis is a former IB-Art student, who strives to show her “experiences as a human” through art. In her piece “H” (left) Alexa created a composite portrait by combining images of three of her friends into one person. In “Red, Myself, and Passing”(center), she explores multiple topics. Firstly the style is reminiscent of her upbringing in a tattoo shop and her aspiration to be a tattoo artist. The figure is what Alexa saw as the so-called “perfect body,” what represents the struggle and danger of body dysmorphia. The piece ”Untitled” (right) was an expression of grief and mourning due to the passing of her friend.

Senior Jiyoung Lee, Featured Artist

Jiyoung Lee is an accomplished 4-year AP Art Pathway student and submitted two AP portfolios. Her media usually consist of watercolor, acrylic, or color pencils. Her portfolio included “Coffee Bean” (left) and “Desserts First” (right).
In Jiyoung Lee’s second portfolio she focuses on the memories of feeling emotions, including the face of burning embarrassment in “Tomato Face” (left) and anxiety in “Hiding” (right).

Senior Eliza Rivas, Digital Art

As part of her AP Portfolio, Rivas used digital applications to create “Untitled (Glamorous)” (left) and “Imperfect 1984” (right).
Rivas showed her diversity of style with the pastel color palette and comic art style in “Unicorn” (left) and “Muerte de un Artista” (right).

Senior Lauren Chon, Digital Art

For part of her AP portfolio, Chon used digital applications for her pieces “Government Corruption” (left), “Injustice” (center) and “Water Pollution” (right).

Senior Larissa Bromley, Digital Art

Bromley used digital applications for her piece “Navigator” as part of her AP Art Portfolio.

Sophomore Daniel Rojas, Digital Photography

For Advanced Photo, Rojas used a digital camera to create “Blooming Red.”

Senior Enrique Lopez, Film Photography

For his pieces “Your Ego Death” (left) and “Untitled Self Portrait” (right), Lopez used an analog film camera for a class assignment.

Senior Olivia Stephenson, Digital Photography

For a class assignment, Stephenson used a digital camera to create “Phobias.”

Junior Madeline Nisbet, Digital Photography

Nisbet used a Canon EOS Rebel, a few lights, a backdrop, and a tripod to create her piece “Out of Body.”

Senior Angie Neal, Digital Photography

As a class assignment, Neal used a digital camera to create her piece “The Girl in the Red Dress”.

Senior Johanna Gonzalez, Digital Photography

Gonzalez used a digital camera to create “Alternating Gravity” for an AP Photo assignment.

Junior Jordyn Resky, Digital Photography

As part of her own independent studies, Resky used a digital camera to create her piece “Reflecting Light.”

Junior Alejandro Hernandez

As part of an Advanced Photo assignment, Hernandez used a digital camera to create his piece “Driver.”

Senior Mazzy Williams, Mixed Media

As part of her AP portfolio, Williams used a mix of color pencils and acrylic paint for her pieces “Straining to See” (left), “Child’s View” (center) and “In the Mirror” (right).

Senior Isabelle Miller, Mixed Media

Miller used color pencils, watercolor, and pens to create her piece “Body Image Finals” for her AP portfolio.

Senior Haley Oh, Mixed Media

As part of independent studies, Oh creates her piece “Natural Symphony” made from magazine clippings. Oh took 36 hours to create a piece that artists typically create through computer programs.

Sophomore Noah Ervin, Pencil

As part of his independent studies, Ervin used charcoal and colored pencils for his piece, “Wannabe Printer.”

Senior Jackson Hale, Pencil

As part of his AP portfolio for AP art, Hale used colored pencils for his piece “The Growth.”

Senior Alicia Bowlby, Acrylic Paint

For AP Art, Bowlby used acrylic paint for both “Smooth Criminal” (left) and “Multigenerational” (right). Images scanned by the Tribe Tribune.

Senior Grace Ramirez, Watercolor and Acrylic

As part of her AP Art Portfolio, Ramirez used watercolor for “Bomb Shelter” (left) and acrylic for “Later that Evening” (right). Images scanned by the Tribe Tribune.

Sophomore Tess Cagley, Acrylic Paint

As part of their own independent studies of art, Cagley used acrylic paint for “Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”(left) and “Abduction of Sabine Woman”(right).

Junior Helen Sanders, Acrylic Paint

As part of her AP portfolio, Sanders used acrylic paints to create her pieces “Downward Spiral” (top left), “Encounter!” (top right) and “Returning Home” (bottom).