201 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832


201 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832


201 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832



Senior Alejandro Hernandez is second in the all-time record list for Fullerton with an official 3-mile time of 15:40.0.

Runners finish strong at Woodbridge

Sofia Tabbal, Sports Editor September 28, 2023

Senior Alejandro Hernandez made history last year when he and then senior Nathan Limon finished the world-famous Woodbridge course in under 16 minutes.  Hernandez was hoping to break the FUHS record...

For part of her AP portfolio, Chon used digital applications for her pieces “Government Corruption” (left), “Injustice” (center) and “Water Pollution” (right).

Spring Art Catalog highlights student skills, passion

Spike Lopez, Art Editor May 25, 2023

In addition to our BEAST electives, Fullerton Union High School offers multiple art classes including 3D Design, Drawing and Painting, Special Studies, AP Art, IB Art, Foundations Photo, Intermediate Photo,...

Getting students interested in Spanish by playing games or acting hilarious is what Juan Menendez does best. Audrey Shu said, He’s not a judgmental person. He just wants to support his students and help them. He’s also very passionate about teaching students about Spanish.”

Menendez retires but will remain ‘teacher for life’

By Osvaldo Muñoz, Reporter May 25, 2023

Spanish teacher Juan Menendez, who will retire from teaching this week, emigrated from Guatemala in 1974. He arrived in Los Angeles after finishing high school to visit his mother, but his planned vacation...

Janae Pease

May 25, 2023

Senior Janae Pease first participated in theater performing in middle school musicals. Her friends often got lead roles, but her stage fright kept her in the background. To stay connected with friends,...

Mark Hsieh

May 25, 2023

Senior Mark Hsieh joined technical theater his senior year, but that didn’t stop him from creating intricate set designs that brought productions to life. His experience with theater started with church...

It takes time and care to plan and display student artwork in Gallery 201. Student curators spend hours managing the space.

Labor of Love: Student Curation

Spike Lopez, Art Editor May 25, 2023

The Tribe Tribune showcased outstanding student artists in our Spring Art Catalog this week. However, the way art is presented can be just as important as the art itself. Gallery curation is more than...

Laura Rubio, since becoming the FUHS principal in 2017, has helped promote the school’s programs and athletics through social media and a weekly principal’s newsletter. Photo by Maggie Crail

Rubio earns OC Principal of the Year award, finishes Doctoral program

By Kate Luengo, Reporter May 25, 2023

When Principal Laura Rubio (and now Doctor Rubio) was growing up in Santa Ana, her parents—both of whom were born in Mexico—wouldn't let her roam the neighborhood or hang out with friends very often,...

Frausto balances sports, academics, friendships

May 24, 2023

FUHS cross country coach J.D. Krawczyk has been coaching senior Daniel Frausto since freshman year. Krawczyk said that Daniel is the definition of “actions speak louder than words”. “He's...

Star runner shares his story of challenges to help others

May 24, 2023

I fractured my foot as a sophomore runner last year during a 1600 time trial. I didn’t hit it. I didn’t step in a weird way. It just broke.  I fractured a rib this year. I didn't hit it. I didn’t...

Finding security in my Chicana identity

Elany Zavala , Reporter March 13, 2023

Growing up, I always felt out of place. I knew on paper what my ethnicity was, but I didn’t feel like I had permission to engage with my own culture. As a Mexican-American girl, I constantly had one...

Pride for both cultures

Madison Dominguez, Reporter March 13, 2023

Being invited to my first car show by Elany was the Chicano experience I never knew I lacked in my life.  Both of my parents were born and raised in Mexico. I always felt that my Mexican side never...

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