Basketball overcomes captain’s injury


Senior Terry Kang controlling the offense and telling players where to go. Photo by Emily Caluya.

William Hollon, Staff Writer

During an away game at La Habra High School Jan. 20, senior point guard and captain Terry Kang suffered a hand injury during the beginning of the third quarter.

“I suffered a hand contusion,” Kang said, thinking he had broken his hand. “I’m just lucky it wasn’t worse.”

Senior teammate and co-captain, Travis Bush, said Kang contributes a lot to the team. “He’s our point guard and a captain so he brings leadership on and off the court.”

Senior Mitchell Sanchez said losing Kang was a setback to the team temporarily. As the new starting point guard, Sanchez said he needs to fill his shoes. “I just need to do what he did out there and we should have a good chance at winning.”

Fortunately, this injury did not stop Kang. He returned to the court Jan. 27. With 4 games left in season, Kang said he hopes to fully recover as soon as possible. He promised that he would, “definitely play on Tuesday against Buena Park,” and he did.

Basketball will play at Troy High School at 7:30p.m. tomorrow.