Harbor Nights


FUHS Prom 2017 will be held at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Emma Moyers, Co-Editor-In-Chief

This year Fullerton High School’s Prom will be held at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. The theme, Harbor Nights, is not your typical “Under the Sea” prom theme that would be expected from an Aquarium setting.

With a navy blue, white, and silver color scheme, the event will have a classier feel. The dance will take place in the main lobby at 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., beneath the large whale decoration. A dessert table will be included, featuring brownies, cheesecake, cookies, and a surprise “Chef’s Special” dessert; lemonade and water will also be served. The DJ will be featuring a video screen that coordinates with each song.

In addition to being able to dance near the aquatic animals, most of the exhibits will be open during the dance for students to walk through, not including the penguin or manta-ray exhibits. The exhibits will close around 9:30.

Prom court will be determined at the dance, with a similar process as last year, however the tall glass vases will be traded in for fish bowls.

Tickets will cost $85 with IFL and $95 without, and will be sold Feb. 21-Mar. 3. All students need to turn in a dance contract in order to attend.

The Aquarium is about a 30 minute drive from Fullerton, so it may be smart to dine closer to the venue. The event planners, juniors Angela Lankenau, Kaylee Nelson, and Emily Ong, have provided a flyer with more information on places to eat as well as spots around the venue to take pictures.