Featured Artist: Adam Ritter


Jamie Ma, Staff Writer

Junior Adam Ritter had been juggling football, theatre, and choir for three years before discovering his passion for the arts.

Choosing between football and the arts was extremely difficult for Ritter.

“Unfortunately, I’m not in [football] anymore because I wanted to do theatre and choir,” Ritter said. “I had to make a decision, I made my decision, and I like what I do.”

Along with being involved in several FUHS productions such as “Sweeney Todd,” “Kiss Me Kate,”and “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead,” Ritter is  a member of the ComedySportz team.

He pursues theatre and choir because performing will help him achieve future goals.

“I want to become a stuntman, [which] draws into theatre, in a way. Theatre will help you with the acting skills,” Ritter said. “The theatre aspect along with the stunt aspect keeps me really active, so those two together mix really well for me.”

He needs the acting skills to potentially star in and stunt in movies at the same time, much like famous actor Tom Cruise.

Ritter pulled his inspiration from one thing: video games.

“There’s this one video game, called Assassin’s Creed. [The characters] were doing stuff that I wanted to do, which was to stunt. They were jumping from roof to roof, climbing buildings. I was like, ‘I want to give that a shot,’” Ritter said.

He is currently filming videos to start his own YouTube channel dedicated to parkour, the sport of moving quickly through an environment by running, jumping, climbing, and flipping.  

On the other hand, Ritter has an elegant side to him that not many others know about. He can even do the splits, but his lists of talents doesn’t stop there.

“I’m a ballroom dancer, which is something that is not very common now,” Ritter said. He began ballroom dancing when he was 8 after a classmate told him about cotillion, and started hip-hop, contemporary and jazz dance at age 13. Dancing was, and still is, one of his favorite things to do.

“We don’t have to feel afraid of doing anything. We can look as stupid as we can and still be the best in the business.”