Freshmen to Freshmen: Advice for the Class of 2023


Varieur (right) writes in a friend’s yearbook.

As the year comes to an end, everyone is looking forward to the next school year. The class of 2023 will be coming to high school. The current freshman class has plenty of advice for the new high school students.

  1. Moises Arceo says to remember that this is the beginning of a journey.

“It is the start of your high school career,” Arceo said. “It may not mean much now, but it will if you’re going to construct your pathway. At some point, you’ll be looking back at all you’ve made happen in this chapter of your life.”

  1. Francesca Ortega advises to find good friends.

“Find a good group of friends to hang out with,” Ortega said. “And make sure you feel comfortable with them. It’s important to always have someone to talk to and have a good time with.”

  1. Hannah Torres encourages incoming freshmen to work hard, but still have fun.

“Start working hard and continue working hard! Enjoy your time with friends and in class. You only have one freshman year,” Torres said. “Also take advantage of any opportunity you get because freshman year can be really fun!”

  1. Bella Varieur says not to worry about what other people think.

“If anything, be confident and don’t worry about what upperclassmen think,” Varieur said. “To be honest, nobody cares what you do, so don’t worry about being uncool.”

  1. Ezekiel Yousling says to set goals.

“My advice to future freshmen would be to set goals so they can check them off one by one,” Yousling said. “Then, they’ll have something to be happy about by the end of their freshman year.”

Good luck next year, and enjoy your summer vacation!