Humans of Fullerton: Sebastian Fany


Photo Cred: Frankie Ortega

Frankie Ortega, Staff Writer

“Making varsity as a freshman felt great, and it feels great to have an opportunity like this so early on in my career for baseball. And I’m glad to be part of such an amazing group of guys. I think that me playing baseball will impact my high school career because people from colleges and other high schools will be taking a look at me from early on, and hopefully give me an offer or two so that I can get my way into college.


I really do hope that I get the chance to play baseball in college. If I do get the chance, I would take it without a doubt. But if I unfortunately do not get the chance, hopefully my academics are where they need to be in order for me to get into a good college and hopefully be successful.”

– Freshman Sebastian Fany