Humans of Fullerton: Jimena Velazquez


Photo Cred: Katryna Montano

“When I’m home, I do have trouble, but I can’t really ask my parents because they didn’t get the same education as I’m getting, so usually I have to ask a friend, or I have to help my brothers do their homework. Most of the time, it does take a long time to do my homework. They are supportive, and with their support, I’ve been able to be in two different sports, go to a great school, and have the help from other people in my life. Life at home could be better, but obviously, every family has their ups and downs. My parents are usually at work and all my time is usually spent at school or taking care of my little brothers. I mean, of course I would always want that connection with my parents to be more than what it is now, but I know if I ever needed them or the support, they would be there, and my little brothers would too. My brothers have been a big help even though they can be really big jerks and really annoying. I know I can always count on my family for anything, and they are always trying to make me be a better version of myself. But all in all, I would say I’m closer to my brothers mainly because I see them more. When my parents are home over the weekends I do the see them, but they usually clean the house or help my other family members. So I feel like I definitely have a good connection with my brothers.” – Freshman Jimena Velazquez