Jake Paul: Destroying Youtube?


Jake Paul’s infamous social media account.

Megan Kim, Staff Writer

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy associated with Youtube star Jake Paul, a 20 year old “YouTube creator” who became widely internet famous through Vine–an app which no longer exists. Since then, Paul has taken Youtube by storm, posting daily vlogs with his friends who he has coined “Team 10.”

Team 10 creates videos almost everyday for their impressionable audience–which is primarily made up of young people. However, in that process, they have destroyed their home and created chaos in their neighborhood.

Many fans have been upsetting the neighbors by visiting the Team 10 house and causing a ruckus. Paul has also performed an unhealthy dose of stunts that prove dangerous for the neighbors.

When the news team of KTLA 5, went out to Hollywood Hills to investigate the conflict, Paul proceeded to make a joke out of it and disrespected the reporter interviewing him. Because of this, Team 10 was no longer permitted to film at the house, and Paul’s name was no longer allowed on the lease.

All this recent uproar about Jake Paul has brought up the question: Is Jake Paul destroying Youtube?

The answer is simple: yes! Kids shouldn’t be influenced by someone who has no respect for the people around him.

In fact, kids have already begun to follow his disrupting example.

In a video posted on Twitter and Youtube, young fans were screaming outside the Team 10 house. When a neighbor politely asked them to quiet down, they proceeded to mock her and say “you just gotta dab on them haters,” which happens to be one of Jake Paul’s famous catchphrases.

I do not think kids should live by this motto.

While at its root, it is saying that you need to ignore people who bring you down; however, it is used negatively in too many situations for it to still have a positive impact.

Jake Paul gives Youtube a notorious reputation it does not deserve and is a terrible role model for those who watch his videos.