Jake Paul: Saving YouTube?


Jake Paul promoting his brand on his Instagram (@JakePaul)

William Hollon, Staff Writer

Jake Paul is saving YouTube. Now, I want to make it clear that I do not condone the crazy and erratic behavior, like lighting furniture on fire, that ensues when he is trying to create material.

Jake Paul, a 20-year old YouTuber who rose to fame through Vine, posts daily vlogs on YouTube with a group of friends coined “Team 10.” And I believe that he is saving YouTube.

YouTube has a trending page that showcases the most popular videos, so viewers can watch videos and maybe even discover a new creator. Lately, however, the trending page has been littered with clips from late night television series–such as The Ellen Show and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver–and music videos.

YouTube was made to give the regular person a platform. It wasn’t meant to have billion dollar corporate companies monopolizing videos and promoting their shows.

Now I’m not saying that such content is lousy, but YouTube is meant to be a place for ordinary people to create original work for an audience and make a difference.

And that’s exactly what Jake Paul is doing.

By doing crazy things in his vlogs, he not only brings himself closer to his audience by showing them his every move all day, but he also is bringing attention back to the creator. He’s making original content and using YouTube for its initial purpose.

So, while everyone is hating on Jake Paul, they’re blind to the real issue: Youtube is not what it used to be. The website that was supposed to be a platform for everyday creators is no longer a platform for them at all, but instead a site in which television shows are promoting themselves. Jake Paul, however, is breaking those barriers.

So, the next time you criticize Jake Paul, just take a step back and realize that he really isn’t the enemy of the Youtube community, but an ally.