ASB works hard to prepare for Mr. Fullerton


ASB takes pictures of the Mr. Fullerton nominees before the show. Photo courtesy of Alexandra Williams.

Alexandra Williams, Staff Writer

Mr. Fullerton, an annual pageant for a group of nominated senior boys, will take place on Feb. 23 in the Plummer Auditorium at 7 p.m. However, FUHS ASB has been planning the event for months.

Senior class president Emily Ong cannot wait for her work to be recognized.

“I’ve been working with the Dance Production presidents on the group routines for the show,” Ong said. “Other people in ASB have been working on programs, the script and the layout of the show.”

Although preparing for the event can be time consuming, the senior ASB members take pleasure in their task. Senior Victoria Williams enjoys working alongside her peers.

“The seniors in ASB are taking it on together. It’s a group effort which makes it fun,” Williams said.

Even if it’s an enjoyable activity, the amount of work put in still deserves recognitionseeing the show come together will be the perfect reward for all who have worked on it.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our hard work and the boys’ dedication and talent come together,” Williams said.

Senior Kaylee Nelson believes this show will be especially memorable because of the performers. Nelson believes that this particular group of boys nominated is unique and funny.

“They have their own spirit as a group,” Nelson said.

The Mr. Fullerton performance will be an unforgettable experience through the nominees’ and ASB’s hard work. Admission costs $10 at the door and includes one vote for people’s choice; bring five canned food items for an extra vote.

“Come out to the show,” Nelson said. “It’ll be fun!”