Living with hyperhidrosis: a slippery slope


Junior Will Hollon facing his fears. Photo by Joshua Jacob.

Drew Soderquist , Staff Writer

Hyperhidrosis, a disorder affecting about 2-3% of Americans, is classified as excessive sweating of the body. It is a disorder that can be not only damaging to one’s underarms, but their emotional confidence as well.

FUHS junior William Hollon is one of the many that are affected with axillary hyperhidrosis.

“Is that water or sweat?” is a comment Hollon hears on almost a daily basis. He remembers excessively sweating since he was younger.  

“I remember during P.E. at my junior high, it was 40 degrees outside. It was first period and I was running on the track. Everyone was shivering and I was sweating,” Hollon said.  

His disorder has led to him feeling self-conscious and caused him to live in constant worry.

“I always worry what people are going to think when they see me,” Hollon said. “When I lift up my arms, I feel like people stare at me and think things about me before they even know me.”  

Hollon reflects on the conversations he’s had with others about his disorder. “I tell them the truth honestly. I don’t choose to sweat a lot. It’s just who I am,” Hollon said.

Hollon wants others to know that his disorder does not define him.  

“I’m here to spread awareness and help people understand that you’re not alone, and you’re much stronger than you think,” said Hollon.