Movie Review: Black Panther


Photo courtesy of Forbes.

Audry Jeong, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated movie Black Panther broke box office records this past weekend with an astounding 900 million dollars worldwide, surpassing both Spiderman: Homecoming and Wonder Woman. The movie differs from the rest of the Marvel franchise because it features an all African American cast.

The movie follows main protagonist, T’challa, the leader and protector of Wakanda, a secluded African land. After his father’s death, T’challa returns to Wakanda to take back his place as king. However, T’challa is tested by a powerful adversary and must prove to the world and himself that he is worthy and able to defend the people of Wakanda.

Black Panther does a fantastic job of keeping audiences at the edge of their seats, while giving each of its characters their well-deserved justice, including the antagonist. I felt sympathy for each of these characters and got wrapped up in the action alongside them. It is empowering and humbling to see that the characters and storyline were relatable and mirrored the issues being addressed in current movements, such as the black lives matter and feminist movement.

Not only is the movie an overdue welcome of diversity and representation in the entertainment industry, but it is also a film that carries a powerful message of self acceptance, pride, and strength. With a healthy balance of humor, action, and wit, Black Panther is the perfect movie to watch this weekend.

Black Panther is now in theaters.