Boys’ Golf swings into League


Sophomore Damon St. James practices on the course. Photo by Kate Thompson.

Megan Kim, Staff Writer

Boy’s golf began league on Tuesday when they played Sonora High School. Although they had a rough start with a 263-225 loss, the team remains optimistic.

Senior Jack McWatters is playing his first season on the FUHS boys’ golf team, and his goal for the season is to improve his game and learn more about golf.

“I’ve been playing for like two months,” McWatters said. “I’m super excited for season because I get to learn more about golf and improve my game.”

Senior Christian Salvatierra has played on varsity golf since his freshman year, so he wants to make his last season one to remember.

“It’s gonna be my last season, and all my hard work is starting to show, so I’m really excited about what’s to come and what more I can do, and what I can get better at,” Salvatierra said.

One of Salvatierra’s goals this season is to improve on his game from last season, and to hopefully beat his ‘rival.’

“We’ve never really done our best against [Sunny Hills], I’ve beat a couple of their players, but I really want to beat all of them,” Salvatierra said.

Since it’s his last season on the FUHS golf team, Salvatierra wants to leave a word of advice for his underclassmen teammates.

“Be patient. Sometimes you expect things [to show] really quick, [but keep in mind] that even if you’re working hard, it’s not gonna show up right away,” Salvatierra said. “It’s going to take a little bit of time, so as long as you have patience and just realize what you’re getting better at.”

The FUHS boys’ golf team is looking forward to a great season full of improvements and, hopefully, victory.