FUHS athletes commit to college


Student athletes sign their commitment letters. Photo courtesy of Principal Rubio.

William Hollon, Staff Writer

This year many of our own FUHS student athletes have signed to colleges for their excellence in their respective sports. Here are some of the athletes who have chosen to continue their athletic careers in college:

Kaya Ortega

Kaya Ortega will attend Cal State Monterey Bay for water polo and plans to major in International Relations. She says her biggest mentor has been her Coach Shane. “He’s just always been there and has helped me grow as a player and a person.”

Matt Cho

Matt Cho will attend Whitman College for baseball and plans to major in Mathematics. He says playing baseball has really taught him “how to deal with failure and how to bounce back from it.”

Jonoven Smith

Jonoven Smith will attend the University of Utah for football and plans to major in Kinesiology. He says football has really taught him “how to be a leader” and says his dad is his greatest mentor because “he’s coached me since Pop Warner and has always been there for me.”

Seth Nelson

Seth Nelson will attend Webster University for baseball and plans to major in American History and get his teaching credentials. He says baseball has taught him “maturity and leadership.” His baseball coach Tony Gonzalez has been his greatest mentor because he has taught him “how to struggle through adversary and how to handle tough situations.”

Deborah Bonales

Deborah Bonales will attend Knox College for soccer and plans to major in Bio Forensics and Anthropology. She says that playing soccer has taught her “teamwork and how to deal with other people.” She also says that her mom has been her greatest mentor because “she’s super encouraging and never gives up on me.”

Congratulations to our FUHS athletes!