Free and Reduced Lunch Program reduces AP test fees


Senior Melanie Pinzon studies for an AP test. Photo by Gillian Hodgden.

As the school year comes to an end and AP/IB testing season begins, many students feel that the pressures of testing expenses have caused financial hardship for their families.

Prices for just one test range from $99 to $130 plus extra feeswhich, for most AP/IB students, can be a limiting factor in academic success.

One program currently in place to help students is the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Students eligible for this program are able to take their AP tests for about $40.

However, FUHS specifically has their own program for Free and Reduced Lunch Program students, lowering the test fee to $5.

FUHS Counselor David McIntosh feels the program is important for supporting low income students and providing all students with an opportunity to be academically successful.

“The program offers discounts on food, SAT tests, ACT tests, and AP tests. We don’t want kids not to take a test because it’s too expensive,” McIntosh said.

Senior Melanie Pinzon, a beneficiary of the program, feels that the program has helped her realize her academic potential.

“I get a lot of benefits with this program and discounts on things like AP tests and college wavers, so it does help,” said Pinzon. “It’s important for kids like me because they don’t know about the benefits of the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.”

Pinzon wants the school to bring more attention to the program and how it can help students reach their goals, free of financial worries.

“The school could reach out to students who qualify for it and give us more information about the program,” said Pinzon. “It should be more enforced and publicized, and not just pushed to the side.”