12 FUHS students travel to Ukraine


Megan Kim

The students on top of the L’viv Tower.

Megan Kim, Opinion/Copy Editor

This summer, 12 FUHS seniors travelled across the globe to Lviv, Ukraine on a missions trip with their church.

Tyler Baulsbaugh, Anna Coleman, Hallie Coleman, Emily Davis, Raquel Frausto, Cora Harrison, Joshua Jacob, Grace Johnson, Megan Kim, Damaris Neel, James Osborn, and Megan Weston–taught English and music to Ukrainian students through a week long camp they held in the Carpathian Mountains.

The team of 39 students and leaders was split into two teams: one for English and music (Fusion), and one for English.

Senior Anna Coleman taught advanced English and was in charge of planning night parties for the Ukrainian campers.

“When going on an overseas missions trip, plans can change almost instantly, and [my teaching partner] and I had to teach an English class with two other people, with students ranging from all levels [and not just advanced],” Coleman said.

Robin Nakamura
Tyler Balsbaugh and Megan Weston teaching the “camp dance.”

Teaching English to non-native speakers can be challenging.

“I was terrified of teaching alone and it was very difficult the first day,” senior Hallie Coleman said.“The first day went

poorly which discouraged me, but as the week went on, and I got more help, I got super close with one of the [students] in my class, and we still text today!”

Despite the language barrier, senior Tyler Balsbaugh was able to make an unbreakable bond and share a special moment with a camper on the ride home from camp.

Megan Kim
Josh Jacob, Damaris Neel, and Anna Coleman playing volleyball 

“On the ride back [from camp], I talked with a Ukrainian boy named Vlad, he was 15 years old and served as one of the local leaders at the camp,” Balsbaugh said. “Ultimately we created a large bond in the span of only an hour or two. I helped him with questions he had about his purpose at the camp and how he worked there through God.”

Senior Jay Osborn was also able to create a bond with one of his Ukrainian campers.

“My favorite memory was on the last night of English camp [when my friend Danik and I] walked for over two hours and just talked,” Osborn said. “I got to know him so much better and it was so cool getting so close with someone I had only known for a week. It blows my mind how grateful the people there are for what they have.”