Cross Country starts another season


Photo Cred: Carlos Rivera

Audry Jeong, Copy/Arts and Entertainment Editor

Cross country is off to another great season. With the recent instatement of a new coach, Adriana Valdez, the team is working harder than ever.

Junior Presli Dillon has a love for running and cross country. Dillon among many others has expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the sport.

“Cross country is a passion that I have pursued for a while now. I really love the sport and am excited to start a new season,”  Dillon said.

Newcomer and freshman Aidan Deleest is looking forward to season with his new team.

¨I am really excited to start running and getting to race other students from other schools,”  Deleest said.

Deleest, among many other newcomers, is determined to have a great season and improve upon his endurance both mentally and physically.


Long time runner, Senior Boaz Yousling is always look for things to improve and strive towards despite his amount of experience.

“I really hope that I can beat my personal record this season and hopefully get into CIF,” Yousling said.

Fullerton’s cross country team is kicking off the season with both new faces and old competing to cross the finish line together.