David Kwon: Actor, Debater, Scholar


Jayme Kim, Staff Writer

Junior David Kwon was recently casted as Mr. Manningham in the fall production of Angel Street. Balancing theater, Speech and Debate, rigorous courses, and rock climbing in his free time, Kwon is very involved in extracurriculars in and outside of school.

This is Kwon’s first year in theatre, but he had previous performing experience from Speech and Debate. “[Being casted] is really motivating because I feel like maybe I do have potential in this field and that I can pursue it further and that maybe next year I can continue to get good roles,” Kwon said.

To Kwon, theater is not just reading lines and portraying emotions but getting to know yourself and being able to live through other people’s thoughts.

Karina Montero
David Kwon in Angel Street rehearsal with Natalie Carter

“I love that it kind of allows you to inhabit another person’s mind,” Kwon said. “To really just move about a space and kind of create a whole world around you that you can live through and you can really feel their emotions and understand the intricacies of their nature. Through that you can find out a lot about yourself and a lot about how people can be.”

Another passion of Kwon’s is Speech and Debate, where he can express his competitive nature and constantly push himself to be better.

“There’s a very prominent and competitive spirit and aspect to speech and debate which I very much love because I love competition. It’s really great because you get to wear really nice suits and you can feel very professional and go to tournaments to compete against other very talented actors, speakers, and debaters,” Kwon said. “Overall, it’s an environment where you get to constantly push yourself to be better.”

Kwon also challenges himself by taking three AP classes.

“I used to take naps, I can’t do that anymore. I try to do homework with the free time I do have. So it’s just homework, sleeping if I can, rehearsals and Speech and Debate practice,” Kwon said.

Another interest Kwon has is rock climbing.

“Honestly it’s really fun. It’s a great way to get exercise and it’s a great way to build stamina, to build your physique, and to kind of discipline your mind,” Kwon said. “When you are climbing the same route like 50 times, it kind of allows you to hone in and concentrate.”

Kwon hopes during this year he will be able to grow as a student.

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