FUHS band and choir perform the national anthem at Angel Stadium


Photo Cred: Kalana Ricklef

Nathan Smith, Staff Writer

The FUHS Instrumental and Choral Music programs performed at Angel Stadium Sept. 15 and 16. Both programs performed the national anthem for thousands of baseball fans along with other schools in the area.

Photo Cred: Kalana Ricklef

Sophomore Vincent Alatorre, part of the choral music program, describes the practice necessary for this performance.

“Individually, the schools rehearsed,” Alatorre said. “Then we came together an hour before to rehearse. It was cool to see everyone come together to sing the national anthem.”

Two other schools were in attendance with the FUHS band and choir.

Sophomore Elistein Estrada performed as part of Fullerton’s marching band.

“Fullerton had a great performance,” Estrada said. “We did a great job.”

Performing in a famous place with talented singers was a unique opportunity.

“It was cool to perform with many of my colleagues and friends in the stadium with other talented schools,” Alatorre said.