Varsity cheer starts with new spirit and coaches


Photo by Caysen Maus

Alejandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

With two new coaches and the addition of Song, varsity cheer started the year with more Tribe pride.

“I personally think the changes are going very well,” senior Emily Aguilar said. “It has been good so far with our new coaches – especially stunt wise.”

The addition of Song has helped support varsity cheer performances as well.

“Song adds more support to our performances,” senior Emma Brown said. “Choreography wise, it’s nice to have a dance coach.”

The new coaches, Ashley Orr and Alison Newman, have been well-received.  They are able to help them with stunts and make them feel safer.

“It’s always hard to lose a coach,” Aguilar said. “You’re always going to miss them, but I’m happy that they are on to better things and that we got  new coaches that care and are committed.”

The new coaches have left their mark and are helping cheer fly higher and perfect their game.