Esther Liu joins the Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra


Esther Liu patiently waits for the next piece. Photo courtesy of Esther Liu.

Drew Soderquist, Editor-in-Chief

Sophomore Esther Liu recently auditioned and joined the Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra as an oboist. The PYSO represents 29 schools and is a premiere training orchestra in Orange County.

Coming from a musical family, Liu has played the oboe since elementary.

“My sister and my mom were both involved in instruments and I wanted to start early and get ahead, so I started playing when I was in fourth grade,” Liu said.

Although Liu started in playing at such a young age, she still is mastering the complexity of the oboe.

“It’s a lot of effort that you have to put in, to commit to it and make it sound better,” Liu said. “There are a lot of factors that are in playing the oboe, like breathing and sometimes posture sometimes goes into it.”

Liu felt nervous during her first PYSO rehearsal. 

“When I went in there the first thing I realized was, wow, I really have big shoes to fill,” said Liu. “When I’m hearing other members it guides me towards the right direction because I know they are a positive influence and people to look up to musically.”

The PYSO will hold their Fall Concert at 7pm on Nov. 7, at the Renee and Segerstrom Concert Hall.