Ms. Paige celebrates 125 Year anniversary


Photo Cred: Matthew Ballin

Matthew Ballin, Staff Writer

In celebrating our 125 year anniversary, our librarian Jean Paige contributes by remembering the school’s history.

Ms. Paige has worked here for five years and loves being a part of the tribe.

“Fullerton is a very historic school, and you can tell by the architecture and all the years we’ve been here,” Ms. Paige said.

Paige thinks that it is important for the students at FUHS to know the history of the school.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the cow and the Plummer tower and the underground tunnels. A lot of it is just very interesting,” Paige said.

FUHS has changed a lot over the years and continues to change.

“We have been changing, we have been going more technological, electronic, digital. I do get sad that people don’t seem to be reading as much as they use to.” said Paige

Paige loves how FUHS is changing and the many things the school has accomplished and looks forward to what the future holds for this amazing school.