FUHS Gym: How do students feel?


Photos courtesy of FUHS Yearbook.

On Wed. Jan. 9, a certified state inspector announced  that our gym was completely unsafe to be inside of.

As one of the oldest buildings in the school, the gym has been at Fullerton for almost a century and many athletes and students are sad to see it go.

Senior Stone Sinek has played basketball in the gym since his freshman year, and has built up a lot of memories playing there.

“In there, you just get to feel the court,” Sinek said. “Certain spots on the wooden floor feel different.”

Fellow senior Dyan Scarberry has been wrestling in the gym since his freshman year.

“I’ll miss the energy,” Scarberry said. “Everytime we were at home, we had a lot of positive vibes.”

The closure of the gym also affects the schedules of the sports who practice and play in the gym. Wrestling held their Senior Night match at Troy High School, Basketball plays in the Fullerton Junior College gym, and Volleyball has to find other locations to practice.

For Scarberry, renovations don’t matter. He cares more about FUHS sports teams succeeding despite not having a gym.

“All I want is to see our team do well,” Scarberry said.