What students want to see in a new gym


Photo Cred: Mike Hollon

Matthew Ballin, Staff Writer

As most FUHS staff and students know, the FUHS gym has been condemned as completely unsafe for students.

The closing of the gym has affected sports such as girl’s and boy’s basketball, volleyball, and wrestling.

These sports have had to change their practice and game times and locations in order to adapt to the loss of the gym.

Some sports like volleyball are indoor sports, and need a gymnasium to suit their needs. Sophomore Vanessa Chavez, plays on the varsity volleyball team.

“Volleyball would love the higher ceilings and air conditioning. Air conditioning would be a great addition to the new gym,” Chavez said.

Although FUHS is losing its historic gym, many sports are excited to see brand new features.

“Some of the girls will miss the history within the gym, and [the fact that] we can’t play volleyball in a gym until the season comes up again,” Chavez said.

Our basketball teams have also taken a hit from the loss of the gym.

“I’m going to miss the memories made and the fun we had in [the gym], sophomore Josiah Yousling said. “Without the gym, we can only practice when gym spots are open at FJC. During practices, we have to share the gym with another level. For example, varsity boys and girls practice at the same time.”

Yousling and the basketball program also have new hopes for the gym.

“Basketball would like retractable hoops and maybe some more seating because it’s so crammed,” Yousling said.

It has been difficult for many of our students, but hopefully it will all be worth it when we receive our new gym!