Photo students showcase personal themes


Photo courtesy of Madeline Nisbet

Sophomore Madeline Nisbet wants to show how anxiety can skew our perception of reality. She used her sister’s hands and their shower room door to get the sliding down effect. Nisbet says the hands represent our internal thoughts. “We just judge with our eyes, and then our internal thoughts kind of get blown out of the way. The hands represent the internal thoughts trying to break through, but we really just see surface level of the everyday eye.”

Nisbet’s utilization of eyes in her Sustained Investigation project highlights how people judge solely based on what they see. (Photo courtesy of Madeline Nisbet)

Advanced and AP Photography students have spent their year delving into a topic of their choice and exploring them artistically through their pictures.

Advanced students chose about six images for their Sustained Investigation projects while AP students submitted about 15 images to depict visual ideas which ranged from light displays to the ties of technology to anxiety pop art.

Students were encouraged to choose any concept or object as long as the subject was personally important to the photographer.

The Tribe Tribune spoke with seven AP Photography students about their pieces.




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Reporters Anette Araiza, Sophia Galvan, Katherine Martinez, Sofia Matin, Amy Ramos and Sheila Ruiz contributed to this story.