Homecoming game to introduce new stadium

Fullerton football running out on the field. Photo by Megan Kim.

Fullerton football running out on the field. Photo by Megan Kim.

The sun sets, the lights turn on, and the stadium is flooded with red and white. As FUHS eagerly awaits the homecoming game, the football team anxiously prepares for the football season.

Senior and football player Dominic Freshour relays the pressure that the team’s seniors feel as they prepare for tonight’s game.

“Expectations are very high this year because most of us have been together for many years and we know each other’s individual value to the team,” Freshour said.

Coaches and leadership play a huge role in motivating the team and making it function. To the team, the strength of their leadership truly determines how well they perform on the field.

“Our team captains are very motivational, selfless and amazing leaders,” Freshour said.

Junior and quarterback Gavin Klepper agrees with Freshour. “I love all my coaches they always work so hard to help me and the team no matter what,” said Klepper. “I really look up to Coach Anthony Martinez because he was a good quarterback in high school and he teaches me all the things I need to know.”

The team plans to go into Friday’s Homecoming game with confidence and a lot of heart, all hoping to put a win under their belt.

Varsity cheer performing at the welcoming assembly. Photo by Megan Kim.

They don’t want to just play for themselves, but for the person next to them on the field and the name on their chests.

Football isn’t the only sport showcasing their talent in the new stadium. Cheer is also very excited to perform their homecoming show and introduce students to some new routines.

Senior Logan Manjarres is particularly thrilled.

“The routine we’re performing is a little different from things we have performed in the past. It is a faster pace and is showcasing some new skills we have,” Manjarres said.

Cheer isn’t the only performance students get to watch at the homecoming game. For their first time ever, the FUHS Indiancers are going to be performing at the homecoming game.

Junior Co-Captain of the dance team, Morgan Forrester looks forward to finally performing at the Homecoming game.

“This year it’s our first time performing at the homecoming game, and we’re actually not performing on the turf; we’re performing on the track,” Forrester said. “But I really like all the hype everyone gives.”

To junior Co-Captain Lexi Ari, being able to perform at the game is something important and truly special. “It’s exciting to get to share my passion with people, like the audience.” Ari said. “[I look forward to] performing [and] seeing everybody cheer.”

Indiancers strike their final pose at the welcoming assembly. Photo by Megan Kim.

Like cheer, the Indiancers have a lot of new performances and tricks up their sleeve.

Senior Cobe Romero is proud of the team’s new routines and is extremely psyched to show them off.

“[The routines] are really cool, they’re really different from what we’ve done in the past,” Romero said.

Clearly the Homecoming game is not something to miss, so, Indians, come check out the new stadium and support FUHS talents.