Congratulations, Mr. Serna!


Photo courtesy of Michael Despars.

Madison Velez, Staff Writer

Fernando Serna was awarded classified staff member of the year for Fullerton Union High School.

Serna has been working in the district for 15  years and at FUHS for five months.

Serna, a FUHS alumni, loves the diverse culture and beautiful open campus. 

“Being able to work with such a wide range of people and getting to support [the students] is such a great opportunity,” Serna said.

It is not often that our highly impressive custodial staff gets recognized for their hours and hours of hard work.

Serna contributes so much to Fullerton by making sure that our campus stays clean and safe.

“It’s an honor that everybody sees what I’m doing here,” Serna said. “It’s good to see that the kids see the differences in the teachers and staff around them.”

Serna always carries a big smile on his face and is always welcoming and warm towards students.

Thank you Mr. Serna for everything you have done for FUHS!