FUHS remembers 9/11


Margeaux Lau

JROTC paying respects to the tragedy of 911

Issak Flores, Staff writer

FUHS JROTC held a memorial for the wounded civilians and service men that lost their lives on Sept. 11 2001, when the United States experienced a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Almost 3,000 American citizens lost their lives in the attack. Though many FUHS students were not born when the event occurred, they still wish to remember its impacts.

Margeaux Lau
JROTC member standing in silence to pay respects for the victims

“It’s going to be a ceremony commemorating 9/11 and the lives that were lost because of the attacks on the world trade center and the idea was to have a presentation of the national colors in a very ceremonial way,” senior Joshua Miller said.

The ceremony’s purpose was to honor those who lost their lives.

“Color guard had a folded flag that they presented in the quad, one or two people played taps, the nation’s memorial song,” Miller said.

The ceremony held a moment of silence, followed by the national song of mourning, “Taps.”