Acceptance and tolerance wins in “The Foreigner”


Georgia Rau

Tate Heinle (Ellerd) teaches Devin Ricklef (Charlie) what a fork is.

Alejandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

FUHS  presents The Foreigner, their second production of the school year. 

Georgia Rau
Devin Ricklef (Charlie) is being attacked by Gavin Huffaker (Owen) because he is a foreigner.

“It’s about people in a small town in Georgia and they meet this foreigner who comes from a different country and they are all really shocked by his differences,” said senior Abigail Lange, who plays the spunky and fierce Catherine Simms.

Senior Isley Duarte plays the hip and funny 70-year-old, Betty Meeks in the show.

“It’s about a man who suffers from really bad social anxiety and his friends try to help him with that,” Duarte said. “The production won’t just bring you laughs since it is a comedy, but it helps uncover the topics of tolerance and prejudice.”

Acceptance is a common theme throughout The Foreigner.

Georgia Rau
Ashley Shilts, Devin Ricklef, Tate Heinle, and Isley Duarte swoon over each other.

“Being different isn’t always bad, and don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s very cliche but it fits well,” Lange said.

Senior Devin Ricklef plays Charlie Baker in the production.

“When he becomes Charlie “the foreigner,” he opens up and becomes a different person entirely. But in reality that is who he really is,” Ricklef said.

Support the cast 

by watching a show on Nov. 2, 3, 9, and 10th at 7pm and Nov. 3 and 10th a 1 pm.

Tickets are on sale online for $10, during break and lunch at the box office for $8, or at the door for $15.

Georgia Rau
Tate Heinle (Ellerd) is comforted by Sydney Castiglione (Betty) while Abigail Lange (Cat) and Adam Rooney (Rev. David) are arguing.